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Michael Tamblyn of Shortcovers - Publishing Point Perspectives - November 2009

Michael Tamblyn, Vice President of Content, Sales and Merchandising for Shortcovers, talked to Susan Danziger about his new venture. In addition to touching on the hot-button issues of DRM and pricing, Michael shares information about the development of Shortcovers that reveals some interesting trends in ereading, including content demand and reader demographics. He also talks about what he envisions for the future of ereading devices and how these trends have affected the traditional book format.

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Comment by Pete Nikolai on November 24, 2009 at 9:38pm
Takeaways: When given the choice, consumers tend to select traditional long form books over shorter content (blogs, articles, chapters, etc.) to read on their devices. Shortcovers' ebook consumers have been a little younger than the typical book consumer at around 40 years old but have still been 60% female. 75% of sales are read on mobile devices rather than laptop or desktop. The fact that many consumers choose to read a book on their device rather than watch a video or play a game speaks to the power of text.

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