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Sara Nelson - Publishing Point Perspectives (interviewed by Susan Danziger) - November 2009

In a conversation with Susan Danziger, Sara Nelson, Books Director of O, the Oprah Magazine and former editor-in-chief of Publishers Weekly, talks about her role as curator/editor in the new publishing landscape; the future being with small “mom and pop” publishers; job insecurity in the current publishing environment; and projects that most business-to-business magazines will move exclusively on-line within the next year or so. She also states that publishers are “dead wrong” if they think that ebooks will cannibalize their print sales.

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Comment by Pete Nikolai on November 13, 2009 at 5:32pm
Takeaways (in addition to those in summary above): Make sure that you are making an obvious contribution to the bottom-line success of your employer--and that you can't be easily replaced by somebody making half as much; web sites make news immediately available so print-only news outlets are at a severe disadvantage and must transition or lose

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